Retrospective & Co. brings the best of South African local designers, makers & crafters.

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*Retrospective’s mission is to make women feel beautiful no matter their shape or size. We source and recreate fashion inspired by the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, inspiring women to feel feminine, sensuous and elegant the way only vintage and retro dresses can.
We stand behind the belief that every woman deserves to own well-made clothing that fits, no matter what size or shape she is and that is why we stock XS to 3XL where we can. We want to remind people of a different era of glamour, of a unique and timeless look, and we want to break the rules of following fashion trends.
We want woman to feel glamorous wearing styles that are timeless and memorable. We want to create an experience where women can get dressed. We want woman to feel unstoppable and beautiful. We want you to explore the best part about being a unique and glamorous woman, giving you confidence to stand out from the crowd.
We believe in collaboration and empowering women in South Africa. We stock local brands such as Miss Happ, Petrol Clothing, Boot Hill, Parade Hair, Skullour Hair Colour, Debeez. We do also want to offer our customers an International flavor too and currently imported clothing and accessories from the UK and the USA.
We believe in high quality fabrics and in flattering styling. Most of our garments have a slight or medium stretch to them to hug your body in just the right way. We are also very excited about stocking Miss L Fire shoes from the UK.
At Retrospective we don’t want to define ourselves as antique, vintage, pin up, or rockabilly. We want to embrace all of these elements to create a brand where clothing, accessories, décor, and good times are built upon the desire to be feminine and beautiful. Our company is about showcasing the age of classic styles with a modern flare and celebrating individuality and the desire to create your own style. So experience the best of the past and look fabulous in your future whilst having some good old fashioned fun.
Get dressed up with Retrospective.

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