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  • Suavecito Menthol Aftershave Creme


Suavecito Menthol Aftershave Creme

R 359.00



The perfect compliment to our shaving cream. This Menthol Vanishing Creme will leave your face feeling smooth and looking great.

Packed with healthy ingredients such as natural menthol and natural mint. This aftershave works to repair your skin after a shave getting rid of irritation and redness. That tingly feeling you will feel is the natural menthol and mint doing it’s job.

These tubs are filled to last. A little goes a long way - saving you money in the process.

  • Healthy refreshing after shave
  • Natural mint and menthol
  • Reduce redness and irritation post-shave
  • Leaves skin soft and healed

Directions: Best used after a shave. Apply to shaved face or neck. Gently work in the product with fingertips. Wipe excess off with a clean towel.

Imported from the USA

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