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Impi muscle Rub [14g]

Impi muscle Rub [14g]

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Nifty handbag size remedies in a tin by Ubuntu Balms.

Impi The Strong One is a muscle rub containing a potent blend of natural essential oils that leaves muscle relaxed and alleviates tension and pain. Oils of capsicum, pine, spearmint, cumin, pepper are used for their warming and blood circulation-stimulating effect. It may produce a tingling, warm feeling on the skin where applied. It is great for soothing tense, sore muscles, sports injuries, sprained ligaments and muscles, to soothe arthritic aches and on diabetic feet to promote blood circulation and stimulate nerve endings.

Caution: Wash hands immediately after use and avoid contact with the eye area or any body parts with mucous membranes.

How to use Rub the balm in circular motion on sore & sprained muscles. Rub on tense achy muscles or bones. Rub on lower legs & feet to promote blood circulation in diabetics.

Ingredients Capsicum, pine oil, spearmint, cumin oil, pepper oil, wintergreen

Used for Treating aching muscles, sprains, soothing arthritis and diabetic feet to promote circulation.