Pinky Blinder Hair Colour
Pinky Blinder Hair Colour
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Pinky Blinder Hair Colour

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Parade is an all natural, semi-permanent hair colour powder.

Add the powder to your Conditioner, 1/1 ratio. The more pigment powder the brighter the colour!

This hair colour works best on light hair or pre-bleached hair.

  • 13 semi permanent hair colours to choose from.
  • vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • pigments are all inter mixable
  • Manufactured in South Africa
  • User friendly
  • Non toxic


      • To rock your bright hair colour longer, try mixing half a teaspoon of your final colour mixture to your regular conditioner. This will help to put colour back onto your hair with each wash
      • Use the Parade Hair Sulphate and Paraben free Shampoo & Conditioner. Sulphates and Parabens are what manufacturers add to their product to make all those bubbles and also stip the bright colour from your hair
      • Keep the use of Dandruff shampoos to a minimum as these are also known to strip your hair colour.
      • Do not wash your hair for at least 2 days after you have coloured it.
      • Colour fades in 4-6 weeks depending on maintenance

      About Parade Hair:

      Born out of a need for professional, salon quality products that work well for vintage hair styling, Parade Hair aims to bring you a range of hair colour and hair care products specific to vintage hair styling needs.
      Parade Hair is a locally developed range of hair care & color products that are simply smashing on your hair & friendly to your pocket.
      *Endorsed and tested by Pin Ups, not tested on animals * Environmentally friendly*
      Don’t let anybody reign on your parade!