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Bladdy Good After Sun Gel

Bladdy Good After Sun Gel

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Meet our "Bladdy Good Afterburn Gel"- cause ain't nobody needs a Lobster Tan!

We have had the most beautiful weather in Cape Town, but we also had a lot of sunburnt faces and shoulders walking around!

Aloe Ferox is a tropical medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years to treat skin conditions, such as wounds and burns. Aloe vera is so effective at soothing burns that it’s sometimes referred to as the “burn plant"

To treat a sunburn, spread a layer of our pure organic aloe gel on the burnt areas.

Aloe Ferox is best used when it’s in 100 percent aloe vera gel form and when it’s kept chilled. If you have a sunburn, apply aloe vera a few times a day to the sunburnt area.

PS. If you have a severe burn, see a doctor before applying aloe.