Step back in time to the 1950's with us!

  • Cherry Rain Bonnit white piping

The Bonnit

Cherry Rain Bonnit white piping

R 150.00



Looking to keep their hair chic & stylish regardless of the elements? Nab yourself a cute Bonnit to keep your tresses dry!

Wet hair is such a drag! You just spent an hour at home getting ready for date night, or handed over half your paycheck to your hairstylist only to be welcomed by a torrential downpour on the way to your car. Fret no more.

Say goodbye to out-of-control umbrellas and borrowed plastic bags. We're The Bonnit and we keep you looking fab even when the weather isn't.

  • the bonnit is reusable
  • 100% Polyethylene
  • cute variety of print to choose from

Imported from Canada


Just why did the rain bonnet ever go out of fashion? Much more practical than an umbrella, especially when you’re stuck in a gale-force downpour, the former handbag staple has in recent years been relegated to old lady territory.

Once hairstyles requiring setting or an elaborate updo fell out of fashion, so – sadly – did the rain bonnet. However, with the growing interest in vintage hair styles, it seems the humble old bonnet is also starting to make a bit of a come-back. While vintage ones can easily be picked up on vintage web sites for a few pounds and often in mint condition, it’s nice to see that companies like The Bonnit are relaunching updated versions to a whole new generation of women keen on protecting their tresses.

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